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Who We Are


A Community and Resource Hub

STEMPIRE is an organization dedicated to the development and empowerment of all underserved students and professionals in STEM by providing pathways for growth, innovation, and collaboration, while fostering mentorship, community and knowledge sharing.

We are a community founded by three Black women professionals in STEM who joined together based on a common perspective; the importance of having a network and access to resources for success in STEM.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are always on the ball, utilizing our unique skills and passion to move the work of STEMPIRE forward. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the curve and striving to expand our services and programs. Meet our incredible founders below.

PH.D. (Co-Founder)

Dr. Sheena Young’s passion for science and her understanding of the need for a network to specifically support professionals of color in STEM has inspired her to help found the STEMPIRE organization. She currently serves as a Senior Program Manager/ Analytical Chemist at MRIGlobal and holds a PhD in environmental engineering from University of Arizona, a master in chemistry from University of Maryland, Baltimore County, a master in environmental engineering from Johns Hopkins University, and a bachelor in chemistry from Spelman College. She has years of experience working in the laboratory in academia, government, and industry; and hopes STEMPIRE facilitates the continued support of rising scientists in her field through her tutoring and mentorship. In her free time she is an advocate for mental health awareness and enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, and playing with her dog.

PH.D. (Co-Founder)

Dr. Ashley Queen is a woman ready to inspire and change the world around her. Born and raised in Maryland, she has the exposure to the unique social, political, and professional landscape of living near the nation’s capital. She has a Bachelor of Science in biology with a minor in chemistry from Coppin State University. She further earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiology from Howard University. Dr. Queen has worked in the federal government, non-profit, and academia landscapes. She is a public health and regulatory professional with experience in biologic drug application review, pathogen surveillance, health disparities work, and in genome wide association studies. She is also a financial strategist, making one of her top public health priorities to address the social determinant of economic instability through increasing health and financial literacy. She is President/CEO of Queen Consulting Group LLC, providing solutions in the business of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Dr. Queen is a mentor and advocate for budding and early career scientists; always eager to support the next generation of minority and underrepresented leaders. Though she wears many hats, she is an advocate for students and professionals to stay involved in extracurricular activities, hobbies, and events as she believes living a well-rounded life is an ideal journey.

PH.D. (Co-Founder)

DeLauren McCauley is a chemist who is passionate about bridging the gap and evoking excellence for underrepresented minorities interested in all STEM disciplines. Hailing from “The Gate City” in Greensboro, NC, she holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and currently serves as a chemist for the federal government. Her career spans from involvement in government, NPOs, private industry, and years of experience in academia. As STEMPIRE continues to empower and engage STEM professionals, her personal goal is to be the catalyst for equality starting with the educational pipeline. When she is not volunteering and advocating for her community, DeLauren is an avid DIYer and newly-minted foodie.